About Alcohol Addiction

How to pay for alcohol rehab, the release of super for rehab treatment & alcohol rehab overseas.

Stop Drinking Alcohol provides information on alcohol abuse, alcoholism, mental health, and addiction treatment options. Understanding the nature of addictive behavior and chemical dependency is a powerful means to prevent and treat drug and alcohol abuse.

We deal with the key issues, including – treatment for drug and alcohol addiction; how to pay for addiction; release of superannuation savings for rehab; and rehab overseas.

How to pay for rehab

There are options available to pay for private alcohol rehab like the services provided by www.releasemysuper.com.au in Australia. Release My Super specialises in accessing your superannuation savings for alcohol treatment and their team continues to operate with a 5-star google review rating.

Best rehab facilities

We have referred hundreds of addicts to facilities in Australia and overseas. At the time of updating this page Covid 19 has impacted on travel. October 2020 the Australian borders are closed or restricted making it more difficult to find a suitable rehab centre.

Please email us direct at Kathie@releasemysuper.com.au if you require free information on placements for rehab facilities.

Alcohol Rehab Options

The long term effects of alcoholism

Alcohol effects people differently. Age, sex and general health will determine how alcohol effects you. When alcohol is used excessively it will definitely impact on you and those around you.

Social and Financial Issues

Absenteesim due to alcoholism, poor work decisions and accidents at work due to alcoholism are some of the less spoken of issues around alcohol. Loss of the ability to work due to loss of employment or poor decisions made as a result of drinking too heavily contribute to financial and social issues, both within the work environment and outside.

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