How to pay for Rehab

By the time you’ve arrived at the decision to start rehab most alcohlics do not have sufficient cash to self-fund the cost of private treatment, and families are reluctant to provide money after years of lies and failed attempts to stop drinking.

Release My Super

Many alcoholics are choosing to use superannuation savings to access rehab for treatment and in Australia there is one company who can assist, Release My Super.

Release My Super has a solid following amongst clients’ seeking rehab and their family supporters, as they make treatment more accessible to Australians who need it. Release My Super has consistent 5-star Google reviews and their team is available 7 days a week.

Owner, Robert Rushford says, “we have all of the knowledge necessary to assist put applications to the ATO for release of superannuation savings, and we sincerely like to help all of our clients who want to change their circumstances. We all deserve a chance to re-set and make good on our mistakes”.

How do you access superannuation for rehab?

Lanna Rehab accepts clients from across the world, but the majority are Australian, and with help from Release My Super they can gain early access to superannuation for the purpose of rehab. There will be some fees associated with submitting your application with the Australian Tax Office. Release My Super will facilitate your Psychiatric assessment, prepare all forms, and submit your paperwork on your behalf.

How long does the application take?

Once you commence the application process it can take less than two weeks.  You should contact Release My Super by using the Contact Us form on this website. We appreciate when people make the decision to go to rehab, they want the process to move swiftly, so they can commence treatment as soon as possible. Our team will contact you with the steps to get your started.

Is there any guarantee?

Release My Super specialise in applications for release of super for mental health treatment and drug and alcohol rehab. To date they boast a 100% success rate for applicants to achieve early access to their superannuation savings.

How do I apply?

The first step is easy – simply complete the Contact Us & include ‘superannuation’ in the comments.