Choose the alcohol treatment centre that suits you

Everyone is different and there are different methods of treatment available.  When looking for a rehab centre ensure you look closely at what the rehab centre has to offer.  Whilst there may be similarities in the types of treatment at a particular rehab clinic they may have a very different approach to it.

Some rehab centres are very “militant” in their approach with little movement for non-compliance.  Others are more flexible.

Private rehab in Australia comes at a cost so ensure the rehab centre ticks all your boxes and will ensure the best possible outcome to your recovery.

Remember – the abuse of alcohol will tax your health. Alcohol does cause death and it does impact on relationships, so whilst the investment in yourself going to rehab may seem financially unachievable, it is an investment in you and your health.

Alcohol Addiction Treatment Types

There are factors to consider when choosing your treatment plan for giving up alcohol.

Consult with your health professional.

In consultation with your health professional you are better placed to access the services available in your area.  This may be a mental health plan, giving you access to several sessions with a psychologist and paid for by the public health system.

Considerations when selecting how you give up alcohol

  • your level of alcohol abuse
  • previous attempts to give up alcohol
  • your current health status
  • your age
  • your mental health
  • the use of other drugs used in combination with alcohol

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Medical Detox

For someone who has been drinking heavily over a short or longer period the client may have to undertake a medical detox or detoxification.  This step can have some very unpleasant side effects and withdrawal symptoms so it should be supervised and managed by a professional team of experts.

Detoxification is very challenging and we cannot emphasise that it should be supervised in an environment that has medical personnel on hand.  In some instances, it can be life-threatening as the body may shutdown leading to permanent injuries to the organs or ultimately death.

Residential Inpatient Rehab

There is a wide difference in what each residential rehab centre offers the patient.  There is also a wide difference in their entry price level.  Treat this as “buyer beware” and look at what you need and if the residential inpatient rehab centre can provide you with the tools you need to beat your addiction to alcohol.

Most centres have strict protocol on rules and codes of conduct.  This is for the benefit of all inpatients.  The level of luxury varies greatly, but remember if you are seeking rehab in Australia, luxury rehab inpatient residential centres are pricey.

Many inpatient rehab facilities now incorporate holistic approaches as part of their programs, incorporating meditation, yoga, massage.

Addressing addiction is not an overnight fix and time is needed to effect long term changes.  Anything less than a 30 day program in changing a long term addiction will be difficult to effect long term changes in behaviour.  It is recommended if you are looking at inpatient rehab you give yourself the best chance of recovery.

Most residential treatment facilities offer 30- to 90-day programs.

After-Care Treatment