Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol is part of whom we are as a culture in Australia and we love to have a couple of tinnies (Australian term used for a can/s of beer) with the boys or a wine or two with the girls.  Champagne signifies that special event, and there are many other versions of spirits, cocktails that come in and out of vogue.

Australians pay tax on  alcoholic beverages but that doesn’t curb our drinking habits. Covid has seen a marked increase in our alcohol consumption.

Alcohol is an accepted part of Australian Culture. Alcohol is legal in Australia and the Government through taxes on alcohol receives revenue. The saying a “pub on every corner” has been replaced by alcohol being available through liquor outlets, such as supermarkets.  There is no stigma attached to drinking alcohol, until it becomes a problem.

Growing up with Alcohol

Children watch parents and by the time they are 18 and often younger they are part of the “gang”.  16 yo birthday parties with parental supervision of course, are now par for the course.

Alcohol has a place in most homes across Australia. Hard beverages such as whiskeys are mixed with other non alcoholic beverages such as “cola”. Companies see this as an opportunity to market to younger consumers. Sweet alcoholic beverages are a big portion of today’s market.

What is the acceptable consumption of alcohol?

Good question.

The current guidelines around drinking is recommended as up to 1 drink per day for women and  2 drinks per day for men.  Common sense needs to prevail around drinking habits and the recommended size of the drinks is based on standard drink sizes.

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Australia likes its alcohol

Australia is a drinking culture with one of the highest rates of alcohol dependence in the world.

If you believe you have a dependence around alcohol – contact your health team and discuss your options.

Females are reported (2020) to have increased their daily alcohol intake more than men. Reference:-